All the times when you feel so alive you could literally sparkle. The moments worth living for. The awareness of the power within you.


All the times when you feel like giving up. When it's so dark you almost lose yourself. When you stop believing in everything. When it seems no stars will ever shine again, yet you go on.

We are unknown heroes facing a new challenge everyday. Going through adventures and perils no one knows about. Sometimes struggling to get through the day, or to find ourselves. Maybe lost and broken. But always hoping for another moment of shine.

Stars and Storms is a new collection for everyday heroines, designed by two women entrepreneurs.


Chiara from, award-winning Italian blog since 2008 who defied the stereotypes about women and maternity. Chiara's blog is one of Italy's most read personal blog. She has worked with brands such as Netflix, Disney, Canon, Nikon, GoPro, Tourism Australia and more. She is also a writer for the major Italian publisher Rizzoli - RCS. As a journalist she has written for Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Gioia and more.

Ilaria from, a mum and designer made in Italy and living in London. She wanted to design fun accessories for girls-thinking of the beauty and quality that every girl deserves; pieces that will last over time. She created Illytrilly, a brand that brings a contemporary touch to hair accessories, full of sparkles, fluffy creatures, and pastel colors. 

Every piece has a meaning, every meaning is carefully chosen to represent a power, a challenge, a feeling.

Let yourself be empowered 💥 and always look up for the Stars.

Life is made of #starsandstorms